The Benefits

Joining the Rent with Confidence Scheme gives you a recognised standard of property standards and requirements to work to ; access to updated legislative information, training courses and advice from the accredited organisation and demonstrates your commitment towards your tenants to provide a better standard of accommodation’. The scheme may give the additional benefits:

A Landlord’s Testimonial

Lesley has been a Bristol landlord for 20 years with a portfolio of 3 properties.

Lesley joined the NLA in 2016 because she wanted to remain up to date and receive advice from a reliable & trusted source of information.

The Private Rented Sector in the past 10 years has become more regulated and Lesley realised that a landlord association provides a reliable source of information for landlords and agents.

Lesley decided to take this one step further by becoming accredited as she wanted to be recognised by her agent and tenants as a professional landlord. She attended a one accreditation day course run by the NLA in Bristol in April 2019. Lesley finds the benefits of being an accredited landlord is reassurance; for herself and her tenants.

“I wanted to feel confident that I was up to date with all the changes in regulations in the Private Rented Sector and which are in the pipeline. Attending the NRLA course gave me the knowledge of what was expected of me as a safe and professional landlord. Maintaining my accreditation is very important to me and encourages me to keep up to date. I’m sure it benefits my tenants as well.“

Lesley maintains her accreditation by attending local regular landlord association meetings; joining webinars and reading professional publications. She is signed up to the quarterly Bristol City Council Landlords & Agents newsletter and is also a regular attender of events organised for landlords and agents by Bristol City Council.